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For X1 Hard Covers | Latch System Plastic Cover | 1 PC |

For X1 Hard Covers | Latch System Plastic Cover | 1 PC |


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Supplying parts is part of our limited lifetime warranty plan.
To ensure that this service is utilized by our original
purchasing customers, we will match order information with our customer database before shipping.
ONLY orders confirmed to be placed by the original purchasing customers will be shipped.

  • First of all, thank you for purchasing Teamz tonneau cover and becoming our customer.
  • Normally, the parts of a product are symmetrical, and if one side is damaged, you can find the corresponding part by comparing pictures.
  • If a part on one side is missing, you can usually find the corresponding part in the same position on the other side and identify the part by comparing pictures.
  • If you cannot confirm the part, please contact us.
  • Our supply of parts is part of a lifetime warranty. Due to the payment system, we cannot settle for zero cost, so we symbolically charge $1, with free shipping.
  • Part supply is only valid for our original purchasing customers.
  • Users who have acquired our product through transfer, please contact us via email for the price of parts.
  • Free Ground Shipping
  • Free Local Installation
  • Lifetime Service Warranty
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